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Thread: Salmon Bay, Prince of Wales Deer Hunt

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    Default Salmon Bay, Prince of Wales Deer Hunt

    Hi all, I'm planning to hunt Salmon Bay on POW the first week of November or so from a 40' boat as base camp. Has anyone hunted this region before? I'd love any insight into the area people would be willing to provide, both for Salmon Bay as a potential anchorage (boat draws 6') and as a hunting area. I'll definitely post pictures after the hunt!

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    Find the chart there. Not sure what to tell you about the hunt, pretty straight forward.

    You want 17383 Snow Passage
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    Salmon Bay will be a great anchorage for you. It is a little shallow, but I've taken 58' boats inside a little. There are muskegs on both sides of the bay that should hold deer, I've seen plenty on the beach in there. I've never personally hunted that area, most folks I know have flown into Salmon Bay lake since there is a Forest Service cabin there. The satellite photos show good looking habitat all around that area.
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    Thanks to you both. I'd been looking at those charts before RainGull; 17383 is indeed perfect. I went ahead and bought a paper copy too, though I've got it on the boat's chart plotter as well. Would love to hear from anyone else who's been in the area.

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    Anybody else have insights or advice on hunting this area? I'm getting very excited to head up and would love to hear more about it from anyone who knows anything... thanks very much in advance.


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