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    I have a 2012 Yamaha Rhino (700 efi). I am looking to purchase a meat trailer, but am seeking advice from other users.

    Will the Rhino pull the trailer thru rivers such as the Little Nelchina and up and down Monument. If so, should it be a dual axle, or does it really matter?

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    I have seen guys in that area with Rhinos towing trailers and they seemed to be doing good.

    The two axle trailers tow better and help spread your weight over a larger surface area which helps a lot.

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    I would encourage you to do a thorough search on here. This topic has been beat to death - basically the consensus is a walking beam trailer is the best - either like the fiberglass PacRat, or a custom built aluminum model from Tag-a-Long, Wildcat, or similar. Bosski's torsion axles are not durable enough, or as smooth as the walking beam style. Search in this forum for PacRat and you'll find some good reads.


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