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Thread: a "thank you" to the person who called the AST on me yesterday

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    Smile a "thank you" to the person who called the AST on me yesterday

    Harvested my moose on Chena Hot Springs Road yesterday AM. After we got it to the road a State Trooper shows up to look into a "moose poached on the road". He was very professional but, after seeing that we were loading the entire animal whole to get out, he decided NOT to walk back into the woods to where I had harvested the animal and gutted it.
    It's great to have plenty of rope and a good winch to slide it right to the truck! Then the hoist to load in trailer.

    He did write down my driver's license # and look at harvest tag. But, then left, it was a nice hunting tag check, and all notches were already cut, and the writing portion written in- except for the lat/lon- was still waiting on good signal to get that.

    This is photo of this year's moose #2 not yesterday's (#3), but you'll get the idea.

    in trailer.jpg

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    Cool......he just checked your tags and such, Id call that Good, it is his job.

    Its good he was one of the Professionals, and your children werent beaten, you threatend with a gun and then called a lier when you reported such, Id say you came out just fine......did he help you get em out and into the trailer?

    Eat well!!
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    Why would the idiot think it was poached....???
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!

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    Some folks arent hunters. I'd much rather have people watching than not, even if they are wrong.
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    when the missus got her first on Nordale rd.. she had 40+ people watching her, some with video ... troppers were on scene within 25 min... took alook around, asked about calf, where it was shot from.. where was her brass ( when he looked at shot site.. ) brass was in my pocket.. he was more conserned she might have shot from the road than what any of the by standers thought.. most cheered the wife though.
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