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Thread: Beginner Class?

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    Lightbulb Beginner Class?

    Being very impressed by the pictures in the forum, I am somewhat intrigued to start trying some photography for myself. I realize that what I have is probably sub-standard as far as digital cameras go and whatnot but I was wondering if there were any beginner classes that anyone knew of in the valley that might offer introduction to photography or anything like that.

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    Hunt AK,
    I am going to be doing a series of workshops both one on one and group trips in the near future. I have taught photography through Outdoor rec on base at Ellsworth AFB for a while prior to coming up here and have co-led some high end workshops in Custer State Park, Yellowstone NP, and Jasper NP in Canada. If your interested I could possibly set up a one on one weekend workshop up your way someplace. E-mail me offline if you want more details.
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    Municipality of Anchorage Parks & Rec. Dept. conducts several photography workshops throughout the year. They usually announce these in the Daily News in their Outdoors Hotline section of the Sunday paper. You can also find them online at: I don't see any listed right now though. Perhaps it is just an off season thing they do. I took one of their outdoor sports class last winter. Mostly it was a cheap excuse to get out and shoot with other photographers, but there are always things you pick up doing these.

    Also, the community schools programs in Anchorage, and I suspect the Valley too, have several photography related courses that they offer in summer months.

    Otherwise, you can go to places like and click on their LEARNING tab and read through the tutorials, and then go practice what you learned. That's when you really learn it. Hands on coaching is always better though. Goes faster and you pick up so much more.

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    Default photo classes

    I have taken 2 classes online at
    I used to use point and shoot cameras but bougt a DSLR. I didn't know anything about choosing aperture, shutter speed, etc and took the Fundamentals of Photography class taught by Jim Zuckerman. It was a great class and I learned a ton. You get assigments every week for 8 weeks and you are critiqued by the instructor. You can interact with fellow classmates which is cool because they are from all over the world and you get to see thier photos. They also offer 4 weeks classes and classes from beginner to pro, Photoshop, frame making, etc. You should check it out.


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