Hey my name is David, Curtis im 26yr old 6'5" in great shape military man. The title says it all it will be first time hunting for caribou/mousse, because all i have is a harvest tag ill with be going to Fairbanks area i am not set on any area in unit 20 yet... It would be awesome if i could meet someone who knows what there doing, in the area who wouldn't mind a strong back around. I am open for hunting from Saturday-tuseday night until the season ends. But either way i will be heading out hunting just would be easy if i didn't have to do it solo I have been up here sense 2005, and its about time! Only mode of transportation is by vehicle. If anything else i would just be more than happy to be given a good reference to a area for a starter would be a tremendous amount of help
Thanks in advance for the help
I live in eagle river, so anywhere closer would work although a permit would be needed i'd be happy just to get my feet wet.