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Thread: New to Fly fishing and visiting Alaska

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    Default New to Fly fishing and visiting Alaska

    Hello and thanks for any advice you may offer.

    I am 22 year old in Army stationed out in Colorado. I have just begun getting into fly fishing. Ive gone out several times with my sister and her husband who are decently experienced and let me use their extra rod. I figure now is the perfect time for me to purchase a beginner rod for my trip to Alaska. Below is my itinerary.

    Oct 2- Anchorage
    Oct 3- Anchorage/Travel to Denali
    Oct 4- Denali
    Oct 5- Fairbanks/ Richardson Hwy
    Oct 6- Richardson Hwy/ Arrive in Valdez
    Oct 7-Valdez
    Oct 8- Travel back to Anchorage
    Oct 9- Chugach National Forest Cabin Barber Cabin
    Oct 10- Chugach National Forest Cabin Barber Cabin
    Oct 11- Chugach National Forest Cabin Barber Cabin
    Oct 12- Chugach National Forest Cabin/ Return to Anchorage
    Oct 13- Travel to Seward
    Oct 14- Seward/ Return to Anchorage
    Oct 15- Fly out

    As you can see, I am trying to scout out many areas. I have plans to return to Alaska in the future. This is simply a beginners trip trying to see a little of everything.

    Let me be up front; I know very little about fly fishing. I am getting ready to purchase my first rod and reel. I was looking at a cheap 5 weight rod starter package. I also purchased a copy of "The Highway Angler" recommended to me by another site Im on.

    Im going to be fishing mainly for Rainbow Trout. I plan on doing most of my fishing in Lower Russian Lake in Chugach, although I will be trying my luck in random rivers and lakes along the way. I am looking for information on some good beginner flies. So far ive only used wet flies as I begin to get the hang of everything. Are waders a necessity? Because I have not purchased any yet (been using my sisters) and It would be difficult to bring them to AK because of limited luggage. Any information would be greatly appreciate as far as needed equipment. Remember to speak in newbie language because I get lost easily. Thanks for anyone who can offer advice!

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    The wader issue isn't one. You can rent waders while in AK from Mossys Fly Shop in Anchorage. You can google Mossys, Mikes a great guy. Look up nymphing or dead drift rigs. Dead drift beads and flesh flys in any stream with a salmon run, you should be able to catch a few Bows! As for flat water, wooly buggers, copper johns, prince nymphs, elk hair caddis, Mosquitos, griffins gnats, just for some basics. Look through the archives on this website to find info on any areas you want to fish. Welcome to AK
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    Highway angler is a good buy, the time table for "when it's hot" is a little off but the basic info is better advise than you will find most places. Waders are usually on clearance by October and will only run about 65 bucks for caddis brand. Fish as much of the Kenai as you can. Flesh and beads for rivers or tributarys. A 5wt combo will do you right for most trout on your trip but I hate to tell u to go bigger when there are so many grayling on your trip, fish them with dries.


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