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Thread: Tohatsu 50 tldi with water in fuel....

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    Default Tohatsu 50 tldi with water in fuel....

    Hi Im wondering if anyone has had the unfortunate luck to wind up with half a gas can full of water and sucking it in your tldi outboard? I now have this problem and am trying to figure if there is a special way to get it out of the injection system? With no carbs to drain Im kind of stuck! Any advise is much appreciated!

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    Roamak, There are several certified Tohatsu technicians on this forum who are active and helpful. Sign up and ask away. Side note...I hope referring viewers here to other sites is not bad form.

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    Do an intensive google search, I am sure the info on the tohatsu is out there in one form or another. I know my yamaha has a drain line I can open in case i need to get rid of water, but not sure about the tohatsu
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    I used to own a 50 HP TLDI. I never had your problem, but I'd use that water separator funnel, add a Racor water/fuel separator between your tank and engine. The TLDI does have a small water filter on the engine (it is clear and had a red ring you can see which indicates the water line).

    To purge the system, the motor fuel system is primed when you turn the key switch to run. Undo the fuel line after the pump and before the fuel is injected and without pressure that motor will run and should get the remainder out.



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