I was staying at one of the PUC's in Halibut Cove Lagoon this last week and saw a boat come into the lagoon. He was moving along at a good clip and when he came through the channel, we realized he was going really fast. He slowed down well ahead of the dock and caused no safety issues, but him, a little boy and a young lady came down the boardwalk just checking things out. I asked him about his boat and he told me it was a 20' Marathon with a 150 hp outboard. He said he was going 45 mph coming in but WOT he could go 55 mph. I noted that his boat looked like a Hewes, but he said it had a deeper V in the hull which allowed him that extra speed. He also said he gets 5+ mpg with it. I was pretty impressed with the boat and when I got home started doing some internet research about the Marathon brand boat, but could not find much here or elsewhere with that specific type of boat. Anyone know more about these boats? Or were you the guy that owned it-said he was from Kenai/Soldotna area. That was one awesome boat. Seemed like a great way to see a lot of places in a short amount of time. Would definitely like to learn more about a setup like that.