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    Lately I've been pondering on what is the perfect sized travel trailer for Alaska for me. There has to be a balance in size between towing weight, parking space requirements and liveability. I've never had a travel trailer before or really thought about them much so its all theoretical for me at this point. A class B or C motor home would be a better pick for tight spots I would think, but I want the freedom of dropping the trailer and driving around. Assuming 2 people most of the time, with only occasionally up to 4 I was thinking the perfect size would be right around 18 feet long. This way everyone could fit in for a nights sleep but it would still fit in the smaller campground spaces for the night. Plus it would be light enough to tow behind my f150 without noticing it too much. 18 footers have tandem axles instead of single so the load should carry well though it would be a tad heavier. I was thinking that when I retire in a few years it might be nice to have a travel trailer to live in while I cruise around the state. I really don't have a whole lot of time for one right now, but when I'm not working anymore its a whole different story. I was thinking it might be nice to spend a week or so in Hope, a week or so in Seward, a week or so in Homer and have a little trailer for home base while I was there. Plus I could venture once a year past Big Lake up in the valley and see whats going on in that part of the country. I'm used to tents, tarps or sleeping in my truck seat so even the smallest of travel trailers seems huge to me at the moment. If you know travel trailers, does 18' sound about right to you ?

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    I have a Keystone Hideout...They call it a 23 footer but that is including the tounge. The camper itself is 19' twin axle. It is perfect for the wife and I and sometimes another. With any camper storage is always the tough thing to find. It has all the bells and whistles and it is a great rig for us here in Alaska. I tow it with a 1/2 ton chevy with the weight transfers system and love it.
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    No longer have it, but we used a 19' dbl axle for our family of five. The kids were small but we were still pretty crowded in it when the weather wasn't pleasant enough for the kids to be outside all day. My wife's parents spent several months in it every year and we found it was quite nice for just the two of us without the kids. It pulled easily enough with a 1/2 ton Ford (300 cid straight 6 with A/T). We had an equalizer hitch but as long as I kept some weight in the truck bed and the speed legal it was fine without the fancy hitch. Electric brakes came in handy a few times though.

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    Default fixer upper

    Quote Originally Posted by tustumena_lake View Post
    If you know travel trailers, does 18' sound about right to you ?
    If you want a fixer upper, there is an 18 footer in front of Mr. Lube in Wasilla right now for sale for 1500. I don't know what the inside or utilities look like though.


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