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    Hello, we haven't been running any type of lower unit protection on our outboard, but came across an ad in Cabela's for a thing called Mac's River Runner; does anybody run one of these and I'm curous if it creates any drag or loss of top end speed (we're running a 4 stroke Yamaha 25 on a 16' jon boat)? Kinda leary of drilling holes in the lower unit skeg, but I suppose that's better than busting the whole thing off in the river!

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    Excellent product, used one for years. Works as advertized, does not effect performance.

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    I've been wondering about those, saw it at Deweys and thought it'd be a great prop guard for my 75 HP on when I was on rivers,

    Was worried about it affecting my top end on the salt though.

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    Default macs

    I ran one on a 16 foot jon w/ 35 hp Johnson. Went on ez, I wouldnt worry about the skeg.
    I made one trip in & out of the Minto flats last year in early june and still tore hell out of a new prop, probably shpuld have put an old one on.
    That last section of the Chat to the upper landing can dish out a real beating with a prop.
    When I pulled it out of the water we had bent the piece under the prop up at angle, it also appeared thst some of the damage to the prop was caused by rocks getting between the guard and the prop. I ended up shortening it so it didnt extend so far past the prop, still offered some protection.
    I still think its a good product, it just is not going to give you 100% protection if you got a tendency to go in shallow, rocky places with a stong current.
    If you plan on using it for protection in the event of a prop strike, I think its fine. If your in the rocks often, put on a jet.

    My 2 Lincolns

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    I did get the Mac's last July and it definitely affected top end performance. I ran the boat extensively before & after. In fact I think I'll change the prop/pitch. Any item you'd add to the lower unit has got to affect the hydrodynamics. I will say though that I'm happy to trade off some top end speed in favor of the protection it offers.


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