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Thread: Looking for a moose float hunt partner GMU 25C

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    Default Looking for a moose float hunt partner GMU 25C

    I live in Mead, WA (close to Spokane) and every 3 years since 1997 I have floated Birch Creek from the Twelvemile Creek Wayside down to the lower Birch Creek Wayside. My partner from my last hunt (2009) had planned tp go with me this year (2012) but he started a new job in May and is unable to join me. I have asked several friends and relatives to join me but none were available. I still plan to drive up to Fairbanks (where my gear is stored) if I can find 1 or 2 able-bodied partners, or perhaps a couple, from that area who would be able join me for the float part. Even though I am very familiar with this river, and I am 67 years old and in good health, I do not want to float alone.

    I have a 16' Sotar raft (self-bailing) with an aluminum Grand Canyon rowing frame. I also have a 9' Sea Eagle raft for backup if needed. Since I am a non-resident I usually start my float on September 5 but could possibly start earlier to accomodate my resident partner(s).

    If interested please contact me ASAP! I'm currently planning to leave Spokane on August 28.

    My friends call me Miltie.

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    I would be interested in going with you. Are you looking for someone to help with you're hunt or someone who is also going to hunt? you can e mail me at Thanks

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