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Thread: ZEN-RAY Zen ED3 10x43 Binocular - Open Box - Only $329.99

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    Default ZEN-RAY Zen ED3 10x43 Binocular - Open Box - Only $329.99

    ZEN-RAY - Zen ED3 10x43 Binocular - Open Box @ only $329.99

    We have a couple of these from a recent show that were on display. As we do not believe in taking new product, using them as samples for shows and then putting them back into stock as new product this presents an opportunity for you to purchase these, same as new, binoculars @ $329.99 rather than the regular price of $440.00.

    It features 99% reflectivity across the whole visible spectrum with sophisticated 40-Layer dielectric coating, extra low dispersion (ED) glasses. As a result, it boasts amazing image clarity and brightness and free of chromatic abberation. Perfect binoculars for birding, hunting and archery tournament
    Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass for chromatic abberation free image
    Second Generation VividBriteTM Ultra High Reflectivity (UHR) Dielectic Prism Coating for maximal brightness
    SpeedDial2 focus wheel offers responsive focus rate
    Dual-Zone tripod adapter sockets to offer balanced support for tripod users
    Enhanced eyecup design for eye glasses wearers
    Fully broadband multi-coated optics allows 99.7% light transmission at each glass/air interface
    CrystalViewTM water/oil repellent coating
    Phase-correction with BAK-4 roof prisms
    Large 43mm objective lenses for crisp, bright imaging.
    Magnesium Alloy body for long lasting durability and light weight
    Open Frame Design to minimize the weight
    Heavy-duty, 100% waterproof /fogproof construction
    Argon charged
    Metal alloy enforced multi-stage Twist-up rubber eyecups
    Diopter adjustment to fine tuning focus
    Extra large center focus knob for smooth and precise focus
    Ergonomic shape for stress free use
    Rubber armor absorbs shock
    Lifetime Warranty

    Please feel free to call Doug or Neil @ 212-753-5128 with any questions or to place an order.

    As a side note, I have just opened up an Offshore Fisherman Supply Tackle Shop, Pelagic Outfitters with my buddy Chris. Here is a link to the Pelagic Outfitters Web Site .
    Have no concerns, I'm still going to be here @ Camera Land and Chris will be manning Pelagic Outfitters. I will be there on my days off (of course the days I am not out fishing). Please feel free to call Chris @ 631-225-TUNA with any questions on salt water fishing.

    If there is anything I can answer for you or assist you with please let me know.
    Thanks and have a great day,
    Camera Land

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    These binochs are awesome! definitely recommend!

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    I jumped on this deal last week and received a brand new BROKEN set of Zen Ray ED3 10x43's from Camera Land NY! The left eye-cup was loose and in fact lifted out somewhat from the main case of the binocular. I am not blaming Cameraland NY at all for sending me a broken set because maybe they truly did not notice the problem and I would trust them on that. When I called them the next day I was sent off to deal with Zen Ray directly which actually turned out to be a very pleasant experience. Zen Ray has amazing customer support and they are sending me out a brand new set! In the end, I am pleased to have a brand new set of ZR ED3's for this price. Zen Ray is an amazing company that makes equally amazing products and stands behind them 100 percent!

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    Default ZEN-RAY Zen ED3 10x43 Binocular - Open Box - Only $329.99

    Of course Doug and company would pass you off to zen-ray just the same as they would have with vortex. Doug knew that you would be taken care of. Pretty darn sweet to get a new set without paying new prices!

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    Certainly! Can't complain... Once I got past the initial frustration. Zen Ray is definitely a 10 in my book.


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