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Thread: Cooper River (chitina conditions)

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    Default Cooper River (chitina conditions)

    evening everyone. I have the website and phone number for the fishing report. What I am interested in hearing is if anyone has been down recently and can tell me the conditions down by the bridge.

    I usually go thru town, thru the stone railroad cut and park by the bridge (the Northern limit of the dipnet fishery) and then either drive a vehicle or drive an ATV across the gravel bars. I am going this weekend with a few folks whom have never gone to Chitina before. I was hoping the water level across the gravel bars is low enough to afford an easy truck/ATV crossing giving them a somewhat tamer introduction to chitina. I have been down in years past and getting your ATV out to the gravel bars is hair raising to say the least.

    Can anyone give me an idea of the conditions down by the bridge?

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    Looking at the water levels I would say what sandbar? It is probably underwater, no way you are getting a vehicle across.
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