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Thread: second point of view on SOA search engines' data integrity

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    Default second point of view on SOA search engines' data integrity

    In the taxidermy-related thread that was closed half a day ago, I posted links to two SOA-owned search engines to look up business and professional licenses. I've always found both of these lookups accurate, though my searches have been limited to self-searches, and also to look up existing vendors' public info.

    I've just been advised by a member here that these search engine's data is not as accurate as I thought, and seems to be missing some valid data/info that it does not contain. I believe that member. As with anything you read on the Internet, don't believe it at first; see if its backed up by any real evidence...

    Sorry for the bad reference.

    I'd have posted this on that thread but as I said its locked.

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    The business license databases seem to be accurate. Most (but not all) taxidermists are licensed under code "71 - Arts, Entertainment and Recreation". Taxidermists are additionally licensed by ADF&G, and don't show up in the "Professional Licensing" database area.


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