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Thread: nenana to windy bridge float

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    just curious to know if there are any fishing opportunities along this stretch of river, i.e. feeder creeks, sloughs, etc.? i'm referring to the float on the nenana where you can put in along the highway (about 16mi in from cantwell) and take out at windy bridge. i'm travelling via packraft and am also interested in float conditions this time of year, float times, if it'd be doable with a 60lb dog (primarily class I-II from what i've read) as well as any other info. note: i've already read the section in 'outside in the interior' and have seen a handful of accounts online. just looking for some additional info.


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    That stretch you will have to work hard to find fishing opportunities. I have never heard of anyone taking out at the windy bridge. You will find several sections of that stretch to be class III and if water levels are just right some class IV obstacles to avoid. I would not recommend floating it alone or with a 60lb dog in your packraft. There are established put ins and take outs on that river as it is one of the most commercial run rivers in the state. I worked as a guide on the Nenana for 6 seasons. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions regarding the Nenana river and floating it. My knowledge on that river is from grassy knoll (access point along Parks highway) to the power plant in Healy.


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