Here is an interesting picture of Barrow, that has more symbolism that can quite be imagined!

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At the center of this image is the most significant part of 20th Century American culture to have an affect on Barrow Alaska: The Utqiagvik Presbyterian Church, which came to Barrow in 1896 and became the central point of interface between Inupiat culture and Western culture. Today the Presbyterian Church is so integrated into Inupiat culture that virtually everyone in Barrow at some time or another necessarily interacts with the Church as a cultural entity entirely separate from it's religious function.

Starting on the left side of the church is the North Slope Borough Adminstative Building and to the left of that is part of the Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital (the building visible is a housing unit). To the right of the church is the State of Alaska Court Building, then the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation Buiilding. The buildings on the right side that are in front of the Court building are church buildings on the left and a small business office bulding on the right.

This view is looking South, and the reflection is from Tasigarook Lagoon, more commonly called "The Lower Lagoon", which separates Barrow proper from Browerville. It is a rare time to find the wind calm enough to actually see a reflection on the Lower Lagoon!