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Thread: Depth of the Yukon from eagle to circle?

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    Default Depth of the Yukon from eagle to circle?

    What is the depth of the Yukon river from eagle to circle? What does the normal profile from side to side? Are most tributaries on that stretch shallow? Say 1-2 feet?
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    It depends, once you get closer to circle the more braids, sand bars, and shallow spots in the middle of the river. You just have to read the water to stay within the main channel. The depth is totally dependant on weather. If it rains the tributaries and side channels are high, same with snowmelt. If its been dry then no, evertything is shallow. Keep in mind the headwaters are in Canada, so your river hight is dependent on thier weather. There are two stream gages one at Eagle and one downstream at the dalton. Its best to check these before you go and the weather forcast. Usually you can paint a good picture on what the water levels will be. Just keep in mind that gage hieghts are arbitrary datums, the best way to look at it is departure from average. Here is and excellent resource;



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