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    Tell me about your experiences with these machines in Alaska.

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    I have a couple of Rokons and have used them for six years. On the plus side they are light and easy to transport. I carry one on a bumper carrier. They will go just about anywhere, and they can carry or pull big loads. I have never had one stuck, and if I did I could just pick it up and get it unstuck. They are better than a 4wheeler when the going gets nasty. Two people can ride one safely, and you can haul a trailer if needed.
    On the negative side mine have the older 2-stroke engines, so they are noisy and smokey. The tires are the only suspension, so the ride is rough, and they are slow. Top end is about 20 mph. There is limited space for carrying gear.
    They are not for most people. A 4 wheeler goes faster and rides much better, so on good trails they are the way to go. If you like going slow and going where a 4 wheeler can't, a Rokon might be good. Expect a workout though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harms View Post
    Tell me about your experiences with these machines in Alaska.
    I had the first one in Alaska. Great bikes, with one exception. You can go up mountain you can't ride back down! The darn things climb up a steep slope like a mountain goat, but coming down you can't stay on the darn thing. On the plus side, they are one tough bike and you can roll it down without hurting it.

    Back in the early days they ran about $750.00, now...times ten that amount.



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