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    Mark send me your phone # would like to talk about pac-raft safety issues. Not trying to sell a **** thing, just safety stuff.

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    SORRY-- Should have said "DARN" and not "DAM-" silly Louisiana boy-- Forgot Alaska is different--
    Excuse my southern ways for those who where offended??? By me using of the word ****!!

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    Who's Mark
    I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

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    mark oathout- on the forum. Is quite knowledgeable with much experience with small and large water crafts.

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    Off subject, but saw your thread Goo. Thanks a bunch for the phone call yesterday. Our NW trip went all to hell due to the rain and floods. Heard the Wulik was 2 feet over it's record high and more rain coming this week. Had you not called, not sure what would have happened. Transporter didn't call, wonder if he was going to before we flew 4500 miles. Anyway, we are floating the Kwethluk in SW. Thanks to you disaster was averted.


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    Default my failures

    Hey Goo, I have only packrafted since 2009 and bought my own last year. I have only tipped twice in a packraft because they are alot more stable than a kayak, so my self rescue skills are still being worked on. On my two roll attempts; once I was ripped out of my boat by boulders on Willow Creek, while upside down attempting to roll, the other was a missed line on the waterfall on Montana Creek. I was in the falls, and the current was preventing me from positioning my paddle for a roll and was sucked out of my boat. John has a clip of it and I'm sure we will see a good, best of, at the end of the season.

    Even though I can roll a packraft, the problem I have is my thigh straps slip alittle while boating and when I really need them they totally slip off my thighs. Only more practice and gear manipulating will fix this, I plan on spending more time in the pool with my packraft this winter to work on keeping my straps in place, and creating a reactionary packraft roll. If the drops do not have some space, are to big and complex, or big water is present, I do not feel totally comfortable in a packraft yet.

    With a Baylee self-bailer I think the reflip on the fly may be best. This is the stuff I would love to sit and talk about or go out and do.

    I have a youtube which has this trick being actively done in a rapid, it's so slick.

    We could always go play on redgate for practice or Q&A


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