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    I have a Lowrance 527cDF igps and I need to route the cables for the transducer and the paddle wheel speed/temp thingy. I was all ready to run it right along side the wiring harness but then checked the manual. It says not to run the cables next to other electrical stuff but it is not specific as to how much separation there should be. Maybe there is a way to shield the cables as it looks like they will cross paths with main conductors at least once even if I run them on the opposite side. I'd appreciate any advice on the subject.

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    Running with the existing wire bundle will not effect it, the warning is standard verbage in all install manuals, it's as if they expect the install to take place in something with unlimited space. Just don't made coiled loops out of the excess cable, instead double back along the bundle before continuing on with the routing. I would stay away from high amperage motor's.

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    Thanks for the help, Jonsboat. I opted to run them on the other side of the boat. Frustrating to have to drill several additional 1" holes for the plugs to make this work. I guess I shouldn't complain since I would have had to make the existing holes even larger if I had followed my initial plan. At any rate, I"ll never be accused of being a good rigger!


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