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Thread: To Whittier this weekend - herring there?

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    Default To Whittier this weekend - herring there?

    Weather permitting, I'm going to launch at Whittier this weekend. Mostly to fart around and get back on the water. I'd like to catch some bait for this season. Any word on if there might be herring within 30 miles or so of Whittier?

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    My guess is not too many oil spill pretty much killed em all. There was a bit of spawn where I was this summer but not much. But I suppose its worth a shot
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    The oil spill was back in 89. The herring have recovered and come into different parts of PWS and have for years. Usually on flights from Valdez to Anchorage you can see the schools from the air. They might decide to come into the Valdez Arm, then they might not. It is always up to the herring on where they go. The herring in PWS suffered a complete collapse in 1993 due to a fungus and a latent virus that flared into an epidemic.
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    Camping in Seward this past weekend I watched a dark cloud in the water swimming about 2 miles from the harbor. The sea gulls and sea lions were all over it and followed the cloud everywhere. I watched with my binos for a few minutes but could not tell if the cloud was hooligan or not. I could only assume it was.

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    I caught a few kings beneath a herring bait ball late last summer near Pigot Point, so I know that at least some come in. Didn't know if there was a certain time of the year when you're more likely to find them. If I get out this weekend and find some, I'll report.

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    I know Kings bay has a run this time of year you can jig for.

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    Thanks for the tip.


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