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Thread: Lake Louise lures/techniques?

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    Default Lake Louise lures/techniques?

    Our family just bought a cabin on Lake Louise. We are headed up there next week for the first time. I know next to nothing about fishing for lake trout. Does anyone have any tips or hardware suggestions? We don't have down riggers on our current boat. I am familiar with diving planes, flashers, etc. Can you jig for lake trout? I would greatly appreciate any info that people are willing to share.

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    You certainly can jig for lakers.
    1-2 oz white jigs with or without a strip of belly meat works very well.
    You can also jig with heavy spoons.
    Early and late in the seaon you can flat line large spoons and kwikfish/flatfish.
    Ice out and October are best for this.
    Summer time get yourself riggers if you want to troll and look for the holes.


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