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    I'm new to the motorized canoe thing, but have just purchased an oooold loweline square stern.
    This thing looks like it will fit my needs pretty well. It is a 17 footer 41 inches wide at the widest part and 23 inches at the stern.
    The original owner used it for over thirty years and ran a 15 evinrude motor.

    I am thinking either a new four stroke 9.8 or seriously thinking about a 6.5 copperhead, either is comparable in weight to the 2 stroke 15.

    Has any of you actually used or seen a 6.5 copperhead on a smaller canoe, how will one compare powerwise to a 9.8, and are there any drawbacks to the surface drive on a canoe of this size.

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    We tried out a 15 horse mercury on it yesterday and it worked and handled great with 2 men and two dogs, even better with 3 men and two dogs. This was in a small lake, not pushing up river.

    We also tried a 4 horse mercury that actually worked fairly well on the lake, but would be lacking on a river.

    I traded for an 8 horse honda yesterday, which may or may not work as it is heavier than the merc 15.
    I'm still thinking the small copperhead would work well, would like to see one on a canoe.

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    Kinda wish Lowell and Lund still made canoes.
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you

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    Thanks KK, I had read Mainers write up where the 12 horse was too much, but haven't seen anything on the 6.5s yet. I'm thinking one might just be the berrys on my rig.


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