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Thread: Guide Recomendation Needed for early September

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    Default Guide Recomendation Needed for early September

    My brother is a seldom fisherman and my dad (who is 70) an occasional fisherman who are both going to be up around Anchorage the week after Labor Day (Sept 4-10). They asked me for a recomendation for a one day freshwater guided fishing trip - fly out or local. It has to be freshwater because my dad's equilibrium probems make the salt an unpleasant proposition. I'm mostly familar with Kodiak so I don't know what to tell them.

    If you had one day with a guide either within a couple of hours drive of Anchorage or fly out and money wasn't the main concern where would you go and who would you fish with?

    Is it too late to hit Silvers on the Kenai or by flying out (West?) to somewhere nearer the salt? I think they would probably enjoy catching (and possibly keeping) silvers more than trout or dollies. I think if it was a beary kind of place they'd probably enjoy some viewing too.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Greg Brush knows his stuff. You can see him on facebook as well.


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