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Thread: What do I do with an old 440 Jag abandonned in my yard?

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    Default What do I do with an old 440 Jag abandonned in my yard?

    In 2003 my dad left the state for permanent retirement in the L48. He "traded" me our jointly owned Polaris 400 ATV for his 440 Jag arctic cat long track. It is a late 1980's or early 1990's model with AFS. I have no idea what that means. Its dirty and old.

    I don't ride since I learned back in 1983 in Fairbanks that I have little tollerence for cold weather motor sport fun. I like my fingers and toes to stay on my person. Still need them most days.

    So this beast has sat under a tarp since 2003. The last time it was fired up was March 2002 I think when my dad lived in Healy. I do know that it was originally owned by Jeff King in Denali.

    Would it have any value to anyone out there? or should I just recycle it for scrap metal?

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    Default Re: What do I do with an old 440 Jag abandonned in my yard?

    Post it on craigslist and see what happens.
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    Either sell it on Craigslist or give it to a kid as a project. I know I am always on the lookout for a freebie like that for my boys. Gives us a project to work on and if they put the work in I will let them earn parts then they have a machine to ride. Even better once we go through it they know how it works so when it breaks down they have a shot of getting it sorted out to get back home. I fondly remember the first dirtbike that my old man picked up for me when I was 7 or 8. It was beat to snot and we went all through it together and got it purring. I laid it down many times and had the tools out trail side more often than I would have liked but don't recall ever having to push it far. I have been fixing my own vehicles ever since and that has saved me thousands in my adult life!


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