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Thread: Fishing Across Alaska (video)

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    Back in July made the trip to Ak and tried to fish my way through the vacation. Didn't get to do everything I wanted but did get a small taste while there. Much of what I experienced and the info I depended on came from folks on this board which I appreciate very much. Thought I would share a few mintues of my visit with this video, heck you may even see some of your favorite spots.

    Thanks for the help guys.

    PS. I am already planning next year's return trip..

    and Yes that is my digital camera I am shaking the water out of around min 6 or so. That Water is COLD!

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    Nice footage. I likes your big easy movie too. I just got a gopro and have to put it thru the mill on my AK trip next month.

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    Thanks Fisher, one lesson learned you may already know you will need a flat lens for underwater shots, just remember especially in AK with the cooler temps the lens tends to fog up. I plan on having a piece of absorber cloth handy on my next adventure. I had tons of footage that was too foggy or wet lens to use. Good luck on your trip I look forward to seeing your footage.

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    Nice vid man.

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    Really nice video and beautiful scenery (the underwater scenes were too cool)

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    Got to love that GoPro! We shot some video on our recent Kodiak trip, which we will put on the site as soon as we get it all edited. You can see some screen shots on the Outdoors Directory FaceBook page.

    Anyway, nice video! Thanks for not dropping the camera when you tripped! Those are great underwater halibut shots too. And it looks like you had a great time!

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