when a funhog like myself gets an invite to ski for the weekend, how could he pass it up? 11 miles, 2 days, 2 mountain passes and skijoring with a dog.

Valley about an hour from the trailhead.

About a couple of miles before we start climbing into the 1st pass:

at camp

and back at the trailhead

snow down low hard till about 1 or 2 then started softening up. down low 4 inch crust with variable underlayment. Most consolidated consistent under the melt crust however occasionally unconsistent sugary unconsolidated snow. You never knew when you were going to find the unconsolidated snow. Up high on the south, there was a "crust" layer but on the north side, nice snow. not alot of snow. Snowmachines are out of the pass probably for the season.