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Thread: advice on the little sue to nancy lake route

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    Default advice on the little sue to nancy lake route

    I bought a solo canoe and have questions on the route if anyone has done this
    1. are the portage trails easy to find?
    2. could I make it from the parks highway to a lynx lake cabin in one long day (with fishing)?
    3. my canoe weight is 43 pounds and i guess everything has to be in a pack ( is this feasible)?
    4. anybody want to go with
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    We cat-a-rafted down the Little Su from the Parks Hwy to Burma Landing in two full days with fishing and camping along the way. We passed the take-out for the Nancy Lake trails, early on the second day. It was clearly marked with at least one sign along the river.

    Your canoe should be faster than our raft. I'm not sure where the Lynx Lake Cabin is? But, I would think that you could make it to that take-out in one day, and camp along that first portage up from the river. Only have to unpack the canoe once.
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    In mid May I started at Nancy Lake, floated down Lake Creek, down the Little Su, and portaged to Skeetna Lake where I set up camp all in one day. It took me a few hours to make it to Lynx lake the next day and about 30 minutes of fast paddling to make it to where the cabin is. I have a 60 pound canoe, 270 pound me, and a 30 pound pack. The portage from the Little Su to Skeetna was a beast, probably because I was the first one to use it and I spent a while cutting trees out of the way. As for starting in Houston, we made it to the portage in about four hours in a canoe this past weekend, lots of chums and a few pinks. Hope that helps.


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