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Thread: Set up for silvers

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    Default Set up for silvers

    Heading down to Valdez next week for my first time to troll for silvers. A first for both of us taking out his boat. What kind of setups are good for silvers in the salt? I have heard everything from big spoons to cured roe having never fished in the salt I have no clue we would also like to get a shot at some rockfish/lings and possibly a small butts possible any help will be appreciated!

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    Here's a link with lots of various techniques for silvers. Most are shore or mooching techniques, though, not trolling, but still some good information gathered over the last few years:

    Just a tip for Valdez, too. If you're on the water trolling and not getting much, it can be well worth it to stop and go try fishing off the city dock or Allison Point. I spent one day last year on the water, caught 1 or 2 fish all day. Still had lots of limit to go, so I hit the city dock and killed the fish with herring. Once you find where they are holding, stay with them. I don't like the trolling around endlessly looking for them thing. If I find a school I'll stop the boat and mooch and try to drift along with them.

    Several years ago there was a huge school milling around in this sort of mini-cove. Jumpers everywhere, but the trollers were all cruising right by. We stopped and anchored right in the middle of them in about 15 feet of water and started throwing whole troll herring out with no weight or anything. We limited 4 guys in a hurry, often with triples was one of the most fun days fishing I've ever had.


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