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Thread: RG 480 Goat

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    Default RG 480 Goat

    I got this registration tag, just in case as i will be there bear hunting, anybody hunted goat in this area? i know it will be totally up to weather to even think about going up after the goats but like i said i got it just in case- that is only if i get a boar down and weather permits. hunt starts 10/25 thanks

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    It's a good area,.... way down there, so travel expense keeps pressure down some,

    and you'll see Goats for sure

    bring some kind of crampons and ice axe/ trekking pole,
    if there's much early snow, it gets pretty risky getting up to where they are,...

    and you'll be mighty tempted to climb up there,
    I found a nice one down there a few yrs back and killed it on Nov 8th,

    but the climbing and descending really required some attention,...."Flat Out Icy" and cold

    Can't emphasize this enough,....Good Hunting to ya
    Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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