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Thread: Pretty much addicted to this site... Good luck this fall

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    Default Pretty much addicted to this site... Good luck this fall

    Thought I would say that I am incredibly jealous of you folks headed out this year. I got the AK bug and I'm not sure its going to leave. Don't think I can get up there for a couple more years with the new little one born, but wish I could.

    Headed to Wyo for an elk bow hunt, then chasing them here in my back yard. Off to OK for some hogs as well so I'll be busy, just not in Remote AK. Love the threads of your hunts and please keep posting them!! detail and pictures please! P1000147.jpgP1000153.jpg

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    Good luck to you too!
    "I do not deal in hypotheticals. The world, as it is, is vexing enough..." Col. Stonehill, True Grit

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    I hear you! I lived in Alaska for a brief spell when I was 19 and have regretted leaving ever since. Too deeply dug in with the family for now to move back but there is always hope. Despite several trips back to hunt, every year from August through November I live my AK hunting dreams vicariously through this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by standswittaknife View Post
    LOVE this shot...!!! It's like I can almost smell everything that is associated with it....
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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