Getting the side by side bug again after checking out a Big Red. Seems these days I'm always trying to take the boy, the wife and with the two of them along- the dog.

We've rode three up in the CanAm a few times and just let the dog keep up but it's less than idea.

In the bench seat version of the Big Red I can haul three across and put the dog in the bed and still have room for all the sundry gear I'll need. Seriously considering the Honda, a Ranger or just getting a second wheeler.

Anybody have a Big Red and what's your opinion?

I've driven a Ranger previously so it won't hold any surprises but I believe I'd prefer the transmission in the Honda. Not really a belt drive CVT fan.

Two wheelers is certainly an option but it's require a revamp of the trailer inventory as well, so it would likely be the most expensive option.