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Thread: ITP Wheels on 2012 Rhino

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    Default ITP Wheels on 2012 Rhino

    I bought a set of ITP Mudlites mounted on ITP steel wheels for my 2012 Rhino. The wheels seem to fit fine, however the plastic cap that covers the recessed area containing wheel bearing is loose on the rear wheels. The cap/cover is compression fit on the front, but on the rear wheel it is held in place by the pressure of the wheel against the bearing housing.

    I suppose I could fabricate a spacer of some type to hold it in place.

    Has anyone run into this?

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    Nope, but in the years since Ive owned my 09 rhino, I've since lost all 4 of the caps, with no detriment to the useability of the machine.

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    Thanks. That is exactly what I had hoped to hear.


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