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Thread: Question about self bailer inflatable.

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    Default Question about self bailer inflatable.

    I'm new to boating but found a good deal on a 13' R3-80 Avon. Transom is in perfect condition, wood floor is great, has all the pieces. And no leaks. But after reading a bit I don't know if it is a self bailer. How do you tell this? There is a drain plug on the transom but don't know if that's part of the system or not. Thanks in advance.

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    It will self-bail any time that the water is higher than the drain plug! Hopefully the displacement tubes keep the wooden floor well above the waterline and the drain plugs are barely covered by water at rest. I have two drains below the level of my deck and rarely put in either plug. There is an internal baffle to slow water entry from the outside and every time that you get on to step it will automatically drain out any water in the sub-deck area. This system has helped me on more than one occasion


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