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Thread: Wood arrows locally?

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    Default Wood arrows locally?

    Would like to buy some 11/32" cedar locally. Know where I can purchase some? Let me know, please. Looking for a reasonable price, too. Thanks!!!

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    Look for straight flight arrow company. I dont know if he's building anymore its been a long time since we've talked...he's just off the big corner on muldoon.

    Martin Ferris is another in eagle river I believe.....or Russ Kucinski if you can find them. I think Russ is n the wasilla.

    I've got a pile of shafts but leave in a couple of days till the end of the month and than will be out again till the end of september. Not enough time to get things sealed and dried to send. I refuse to use gasket lacquer, stuff cracks to high heavan!

    Fastest might be just ordering from KK or 3 creeks...there's a host of other options out there, small mom and pop companys who imho do a much better job (ie dont use gasket lacquer! LOL).

    Or tune up some carbons quick.... Ed at Alaska Bowhunter supply has some of his grizzly stiks....he also might know a local guy building for ya.

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    I have heard Bill over at Back Country Archery makes them, heard they are pretty good arrows, never triedthem though


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