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Thread: 4473 Form NICS Delays

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    Default 4473 Form NICS Delays

    Has anybody gotten countless delays from NICS background checks when trying to purchase a firearm? Requested and filled out a VAF packet with finger prints and then mailed it in and received their UPIN Number? If you get a UPIN number, you still have to get a NICS background check done. But my question is, After you've gotten your UPIN Number, has it been easier to get approved for firearm purchases with any further delays or have you been approved and able to walk out with the firearm the same day?

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    Did a transfer today. FFL holder did the NICS check online in about 90 sec. I was surprised.
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    I can't proof it, but I believe it has alot to do with your line of work. I am in southern Georgia. Everytime someone who works at the Nuclear Power plant tires, there is a delay. Just my own observation.


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