The only way that anything wll be done about our salmon problems, is for the average fisher to turn out and raise holy hethat is what they did in Soldatna nd Kenai. THe governor and Comis show and listen to them. I hear lots of complaining but when fish mreeting are held after hours and on Sat for you to speak up, few few do. Right now at leat 12 king streams have missed their 2012 escapement. It is very possible anotther four or five will be added to the stock of concern list for the valley streams. At least on of the sockeye streams may not make it escapements nd the Little Su cohos coul be put on the list of stock of concern by the board of fisheries (BOF). An agenda change request will be made to the BoF to take up the problems with king salmon and cohos in Cook Inlet The more than the BoF and yours and our legislators hear from you and your freinds the more likely they are to do something. I can count the number of legislators on my fingrs that speakout for Alaskans that take fish home to eat. You are classified AS A SPORTFISHER AND ONLY FISH FOR FUN. Until a new classsification is established com fishers will continue to have the priority.

Big Fisherman