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Thread: scope covers for a leupold

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    Default scope covers for a leupold

    I have a leupold VXL 50mm. You know the ones that fit the contour of your barell so they can mount a little lower. Does anyone know if they make a scope cover that will work on it? I really like the Butler Creek covers, maybe I can cut off the bottom of one and have it fit. Any ideas?

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    I really like the Butler Creek Bikini scope covers. I used to use the Butler Creek flip-up style covers, but I got tired of the lens being covered with condensation when I got ready to shoot. The Bikini covers seal out the moisture better, are easy to quickly remove, and are cheaper.


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    Straight from Oregon, Leupold says end of April beginning of May. Any time now. Look inside the front housing of your scope and you'll see two cut outs. This is where your lense cover will snap in. It will be a flip up type. Leupold makes rear lense covers that threat into the rear eye piece on any modern model. Also flip up.


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