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Thread: Cure for cold grip on a PSE? Anyone else hunting DM920?

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    Default Cure for cold grip on a PSE? Anyone else hunting DM920?

    Howdy all,

    Minor complaint about my 2010 PSE Bowmadness XS with B.E.S.T. grip. So it's got this super skinny almost all aluminum grip area that saps the warmth out of your bow hand on cold days. I'm looking to wrap it with something to fix this issue before hitting the Coldfoot area next month for moosen, DM920. I'd like to keep the bulk to a minimum, and keep it fairly water resistant, opinions and ideas?

    Anyone else hunting DM920/DM922? I'll be up there the 2nd week of September, hit me up and ill try not to step into your stalks and vice versa

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    2 that have worked for me are para cord then painted with rubber tool grip rubber and rawhide, wet, streached and glued to itself. There are commercial wraps also. One that I have used is a naughahide with pin holes punched in it and glued onto the grip with contact cement. It is like a steering wheel cover and will streach over the grip and not add too much bulk to the grip.
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