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Thread: Advise a newby on targeting chums on the Parks

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    Default Advise a newby on targeting chums on the Parks

    Since I landed a big chum at Bird with my flyrod my heartrate keeps going up just thinking about it. I've been reading good reports about chums at Willow, does the same go for other streams like Caswell? I'm looking to head out this evening and camp over but prefer not to camp at Willow.

    My plan is to work towards the confluences and try to learn a few things then repeat as time permits. I've only spincast from the mouths before and could use some pointers on one of my last trips out this season.

    The further south I stay will permit me more time to fish after I drive up there but I'm keen for any suggestions. Also aside from ESL's what handfull of flies would you be sure to bring? Thanks folks

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    No Chum up at Shirley Town, but tons in mid river and lower.

    Montana is full of Chum too at Yoder bridge.


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