Not sure if anyone on here has picked up the latest copy of the newest Alaskan novel, but it's called 'The Raven's Gift' and it's by Don Rearden. I highly suggest you pick it up when you get the chance.

With that being said, the book takes place in the bush (very realistically by the way- better than 99% of most fictional stories) and all hell has broken loose. Planes have quit flying, villages have been abandon, and many people are getting deathly sick. Living out here, I fully realize how absolutely real this story could become. And I'm wondering if anyone else, who lives in the bush, has considered what they would do if for some reason the planes quit flying and we were shut out from the world?

Most likely hell would break loose when the store runs out of food and families begin to starve. I have no doubt we would resort to a place of killing to spare ourselves. Gas would run dry. Stove oil would dwindle to nothing. And we would literally be left in the stone age. So I've decided I would do one of two things:

Pack up and leave: Literally take the last bit of my necessities and head out to a fish camp. Bring a gun to hunt, a net to fish, bow and arrows (for when the bullets run out), and just live off the land until the village settles down after havoc breaks out.

Try and take charge:
Hopefully rally everyone together and create a plan to sparingly use gas. Only hunters can use it to go out and hunt and bring back food for the village. People in large houses would move into smaller ones and we would use wood to heat as efficiently as we could to spare stove oil. Portion all of the canned foods from the store and use the 'easy to spoil' foods first. Keep the elders and children well taken care of. Keep the place clean to prevent illness. Gather fresh water from the spring. Set nets in the winter and summer for fish. Pick berries. And hunt sparingly, store heavily, and use everything with caution.

Needless to say we've begun to store up a few things for the 'just in case'. Bullets, gas, matches, canned foods, and arrows. It's a worthwhile cause. Just wondering if anyone else in the bush has thought of 'The Raven's Gift' scenerio?