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Thread: Fishing Paxson/Summit/Tangle Lakes area for lakers on the fly

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    Default Fishing Paxson/Summit/Tangle Lakes area for lakers on the fly

    Planning to spend a day fishing one or more of these lakes during the last week of august and I'm specifically interested in lakers or char in this region. Couple of questions if anyone can help.

    Will I need a flotation device to be able to target the lakers this time of year? I know they come into the shallows in the fall but is the end of August too early to wade fish for them? I can probably borrow a friends Watermaster if I need to but don't want to mess with it if I don't have to.

    I've heard you can acess the outlet of Summit and paxson from the hwy. Is this fairly close or do you need to hike a ways in?

    Anyone have luck with lakers on the fly in this area? I'm thinking big streamers and sinking lines unless they happen to be in shallow that early.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    You are most likely going to be too early for a shallow bite Matt.
    In the Yellowknife area (Fairbanks latitude) we see them come shallow mid to late September.
    There are places that see a shallow bite early but they are pretty sepcialized areas.
    You can try lake inlets and outlets and you may find a few shallow fish as long as the water is cold enough.

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    Thanks for the info. I thought I might be early but I may try the outlets of the lakes anyhow. Anyone know of any place in the region to catch arctic char? I'll be up north in Fairbanks a couple days too.



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