My annual visit to Chitina was as usual a blast. I usually set up my trailer at the state campground, inflate and assemble my Scaddon pontoon boat and head out to tear up some fish lips. The first day I chose Silver lake and spent the day exploring the shoreline with caddis dries and maybe caught 30 or 40 fish in six hours. There was an immature bald eagle that followed me around the perimeter....I think he was trying to mooch a fish off me.
The second day I went to Sculpin lake and found the lake just covered with fish splashes! There was an amazing caddis hatch on and the rainbows were going nuts. Some were leaping a foot out of the water! I paddled to the upwind side of the lake and started working. The easiest solution was just twitching a gold bead head green wooley bugger just under the surface. Almost every cast resulted in a hook up! Some of the fish were pushing 20" and most were in the 14 to 18 inch group with the occaisional 12 incher thrown in.
I had well over a 100 fish day...just like fishing in a trout hatchery!
If you really want to have some simple trout fun, grab a raft, float tube, pontoon boat or inner tube and get out there!
PLEASE.....catch and release these beuties so others have a chance to have so much fun!