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Thread: Fishin Hole Silvers?

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    Default Fishin Hole Silvers?

    Anyone have a report on fishing the spit for silvers? Heading down this weekend and wondering if they have shown up in any numbers yet.

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    Was lucky (or unlucky depending how you look at it) to get on an earlier ferry from Kodiak and was in Homer yesterday morning.

    I fished the beach side for the outgoing and initially we saw a few jumpers heading into the hole, but as the tide went out and I saw the fish in the hole...there were actually several pinks. I threw my vibrax and caught one and said eff it. Im not staying here to catch pinks.

    From what I saw, there were maybe 15 fish swimming around and some of them may have been silvers, but the majority that I saw all had that white belly when the pinks start to turn.

    Thats all I got for ya, but I was only there for a few hours. Who knows, maybe they'll show up.
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