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Thread: Carpenter ants and rocks?

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    Default Carpenter ants and rocks?

    I have done as a lot of others have and placed pretty rocks under and around our tree bases. However, it seems as though the carpenter ants LOVE it under those rocks and have further started going up into the trees and over time killing them. When we remove the rocks, the ants leave with them and are trees are safe. Does anyone know of something that would repel the ants from the rocky area?? Spraying with poison does no good as it does not penetrate under the rocks....

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    If you have a carpenter ant infestation there is a product that I have found that works. Its made by Ortho and called Ant B Gone. They used to make one called Killer Ant Dust that worked too but I haven't seen that one in quite a while. Carpenter ants have a queen in a nest and that nest can be in wood or in the ground typically under rocks. Now the queen lays all the baby carpenter ants that perform various specific tasks and some of the ants have the job of gathering food. When the food gatherers go outside to find food and then re-enter the ant nest other ants scrape the food off them and it goes to the queen and attendants in the nest that you never see. The key to getting rid of carpenter ants is to kill the queen so new ones stop coming. If she senses a shortage in the ant colony she will produce those ants. If you just get rid of the ants you see external to the nest they will never go away. If you sprinkle this dust around the nest when the food gatherers walk through it to the nest entrance it attaches to them and they carry it to inside the nest where it counts.



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