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Thread: Lake Near Ninilchik for a quick test run

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    Default Lake Near Ninilchik for a quick test run

    I am needing to go replace my propellor Thursday on my boat which is stored near Ninilchik. I want to go take it for a test run quickly, but don't know any place beside Tustamena Lake with a ramp and regs that allow powerboats. Any ideas? I know Deep Creek is close but don't want to get it in the salt and have to rinse it all off. Thanks for any closer options.

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    I don't know of any freshwater you can find in that area.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Maybe head to Homer and pick up some butt during a test run to make it worth rinsing all the salt off.

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    You could back it into Deep Creek at high tide and at least run the motor for a few minutes while on the trailer.
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