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Thread: bronze vs stainless impellers

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    Default bronze vs stainless impellers

    I am new to the 3 stage impeller thing. I have been running an outboard until recently. My buddies have inboards and replaced their aluminum impellers with stainless. I get that they are more durable and the same cost new. I have replaced one of my bronze impellers with new stainless (it was REALLY bad). It is the 24deg in the rear as suggested by Kodiak. I am running the other two 19deg that I cleaned up.

    My question is, how durable is the bronze? I am going down the yukon soon and would like to think they will be OK, but I have my doubts. My buddy ran an aluminum impeller two years ago and noticed a big difference towards the end of the trip with cavitation. I don't really want to spend the almost 2k on new impellers. I also don't want to rebuild the bronze ones if they are going to need replacing anyways.

    I am load testing this weekend, but I expect I will be fine with my estimated hunting weights as the boat sits. If I am a dog, then I will likely just have to roast a credit card and go buy the new impellers. Then I will have to ask about the overlaps. GEESH, this sport gets expensive.

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    If you can afford it then stainless is the only way to go. Much more durable than Bronze or Aluminum. The Yukon has a lot of silicon in the silt and it is hard on impellars, even stainless. Save your self the money in the long run with stainless. Get on a couple jet boat forums and look at the classifieds. would be a great start. Lots of good information on impellers on there. Hope that helps


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