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Thread: Barrel bait station question

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    Default Barrel bait station question

    I am trying my first baiting station here in Ar. and I am also new to this site. Where can I look to find some info, pics of some barrels fixed for baiting. Need info on what size holes to cut, best way to attach to tree, etc. thanks!!!!

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    Welcome to the site!

    Here's a link to the 'Alaska Bear Stands and Baiting' forum. Have a gander around and the majority of your questions will be answered.

    I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

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    Most guys put one hole in just large enough for a bear to shove its paw but not large enough that it can shove its paw in and take large scoops of dog food or whatever bait back out.

    Use cable or chain to attach it to the tree and make sure it is a decent size tree in case a grizzly or brown bear decides to bear handle it a bit. They are a little destructive when they play.


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