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Thread: Caribou hunting near Deadhorse?

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    Default Caribou hunting near Deadhorse?

    I'm new to Alaska and honestly I'm new to the sport of hunting. Never shot anything bigger than a deer in Virginia and I was only 15 so my dad did all the work I'm looking to introduce myself to the sport by hunting the 40 mile herd near Deadhorse.

    I live in Fairbanks and I've been on the Dalton before so I'm somewhat familiar with the area. Where can I find information on the herd and what would be the easiest way to get to them? I've heard some people simply park their trucks off the Dalton and hike 5 miles off the highway to get to the herd. I've also herd a popular spot is Happy Valley about 50 miles south of Deadhorse.

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    wellllll...the 40 mile herd is way south of Deadhorse. There are caribou here, but no hunting is allowed. You'll have to stop short of Deadhorse if you want to hunt. Yes, you have to be 5 miles off the road to use a rifle. A lot of people hunt pretty close to the road with their bows.

    As for the 40 mile herd, check the forums (do a search), that has been a really popular hunt over the past few years. If you're wanting to hunt close to the road for that one, you'll want to be on the Steese or Taylor highway fairly close to opening day.

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    It's a pretty big step going from one deer hunt with your dad to solo caribou hunting up the haul road. The best advice is probably to go with someone more experienced up here, at least the first time, if you can. If you're going to go at it solo, just do a lot of research. Might be good to start with a book like Larry Bartlett's "Caribou Hunting: A Guide to Alaska's Herds" and then do a lot of reading on this forum for more detailed information.
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