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Thread: FOUND GPS in EARLY July off ATV Trail near Kings River

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    Default FOUND GPS in EARLY July off ATV Trail near Kings River

    I have posted this already in the lost and found thread, but since we have an ATV thread with many readers, maybe someone who reads this thread, will know who it belongs to. Just trying to increase my chances of finding the owner. Thanks.

    Found a valuable item off the Permanente Trail while riding the trail in early July (After the 4th sometime). It is a GPS. The owner of it was driving a CAM-AM 650 Outlander, brand new, (I think it was green, can’t remember).

    I also think he was military (Army) for his buddy was wearing an Army Gore-Tex Jacket. His buddy was driving an older quad, but I don’t remember what it was. I meet them in Eagle River at the Tesoro, filling up their quads. My party was filling up too, and we asked them were they were headed. They informed us they were going to Permanente Trail, and we said we were going there as well. They even talked about having an old, out dated book of ATV trails in Alaska. I believe both are active duty.

    We meet them on the trail, just before you get to Kings River. We stopped for a bit of chit chat, and I notice he had a GPS mounted on his quads handle bar. After some time chatting they took off back to the trailhead as we headed to the river. On the way back we found the GPS lying on the trail and we knew who it belonged to.

    I looked up the “HOME” waypoint, in the GPS and found the owner lived off of Driftwood Bay in Eagle River, on a street called Trailhead Ave. The home is a townhouse. I have tried several times to see if someone was home, but they are never there when I try and I have not seen the quad parked outside.

    I ran into one of the neighbors and explained to him what had happened, and he informed me that a man used to live there, but had moved about 4-6 months ago, and did have a four-wheeler.

    I have been trying for a month now to return it. If you know who this man is, please contact me here on this board, and I will give it back to him. I forgot about the “Lost and Found” thread on here, so sorry it’s a little late posting. And of course I need make and model of GPS. Thanks.
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    I compliment you on making such a great effort. Truly admirable.


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